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Pics of the LGT manifold conversion
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So here it is:

as you can see fairly compact and simple.

This shot is of the relocated AFR sensor

This is a picture of the welded extension about 4 inches total

Here is a shot with the oil filter plenty of room to change the filter now versus the stock 2.5i manifold.

And the rear o2 sensor I had them place it so it was out of the way of direct road hazards/rain/salt/snow/ etc.


The new layout is compact and simple and quiet as a stock LGT or 2.5i. I now have a bolt on UEL system that can be back to stock in 9 bolts (well nuts and studs ) Ive put about 700 miles on the setup no MIL no degradation in fuel mileage, power response, NOTHING negative. You would not be able to tell the UEL header in on the car unless you loo under it.

Why do this to be the same as stock?

Good question! I wanted to be able to control the tone of my exhaust as much as possible, by being at stock sound levels I can now swap mid and Y pipe combo's along with muffles ass I please. See i/m not 100% sure one entire system will make me happy, I might like stock Y and Perrin cans or perrin Y and stock cans (examples)

I have been trying out idea and I hogzausted the car just to get a sense of "loudness" and I have to say I liked that experiment. Now I am on the quest to replicate that with mufflers not washers

Difficulty i would say 7/10 only because i chose to TIG and not cold weld it using a MIG welder. Both will work fine but I plan to leave this on the car until i sell it or trade or forever and baking and TIG welding ensure a strong welded only b/c this is cast steel.

Parts list is simple:
LGT/WRX manifold (I would stick to 06+ if possible)
One 2.25" Three bolt flange
Two Standard o2 bungs
One 36" Casper rear O2 extension

Finding a shop could be difficult if you don't explain what you want correctly. I printed a picture and just showed the shop and they instally knew what to do no problem cost me $180 plus $117.32 in parts

So for ~$300.00 I got what I wanted: a UEL header that fits better, will last longer and doesn't degrade normal operation characteristics.

I got this done at Mach V Motorsports here in VA stand up guys quality work, no complaints

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