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2010-2011 Lug nut torque spec
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The scoob is a noob here. And I searched for this info this morning. I dug in my owners manual, but the info was not to be found. I was doing a tire rotation and could not find the torque spec on the 2010+ Legacy. I called a local tire shop and they said 80, but I vaguely remembered it being more than that. On the older models it was 72? I believe. Anyway I guessed 90 ft/lbs. Finally had time to look at the searchable electronic owners manual on the subaru site (I forgot about this until after I was finished with the rotation) and did a search for torque. Low and behold under section 9-8 (flat tires) I find the spec

89 ft/lbs

I'm posting this because I'm a forgetful old fart and by the next time the rotation is due, I will have forgotten. Besides it might help the next guy looking for the info.

Oh and one more piece of good news. Looks like we've knocked the front end out of alignment as I'm getting wear on the inner side of the right front. Off to the alignment shop we go.

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