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My chosen location of the ballast install, passenger side:
Installs nicely on the horn bracket.

Drivers side:
Ziptied to the washer bottle. I bent the top of the bracket to take some pressure off the zipties. Over time I believe the zipties may break if I didn't .

I ran the wiring harness in front of the radiator and behind the FMIC core.
You can just make it out on top of the coolant bottle.

And then on the passenger side just as it snakes around.

Now if you have gotten this far I shouldn't have to tell you how to put it all back together.
Just one note for those that are removing the front bumper for the first time, (much easier with two people) hang the front of the bumper from the middle supports (where the grill attaches).
Line up everything starting with the inside corner of the headlight first.
Please note that it's very easy to push in the tabs of the bumper to what you think is the proper slot under the headlight but isn't. That would result in bending those tabs or the worse fear....breaking/tearing them.
They will line up immediately below the clear plastic lens of the headlight just be carefull.
Now after lining up the inside corner of the headlight to the bumper, have a friend hold the bumper from falling back off in the front. You will now go around and reconnect the fog lights then to the side of the car and tuck in the fender liner. Many have not done this only to have to force it afterward or worse, have to remove the bumper again to get it in there.
Now line up the other tabs of the bumper starting by pressing at the front of ther bumper making sure they go in first.
Make absolutely certain the tab of the bumper on the corner (just below the turn signal) is fully inserted before rounding to the side of the car. This is the one that most of us have problems with.

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