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Originally Posted by ChasWG View Post
God no! The wires that come with these pre-wired LEDs are about 2 ft long. I actually cut them way down to attach the ends to the power supply. The tape is more than just duct tape, but it is only there to hold the wires down to they don't get tangled while installing the cover. I just wrapped a small amount arounf the two sets of wires to link them together so as to be easier to manage. There is no tape on exposed electrical wires.

Thanks for looking and commenting, but maybe you should look closer and fully understanding before accusing.
Thanks for the clarification. I didn't see crimps or shrink wrap but duct tape on your install so I automatically assumed that you used the tape to connect the LED wires to the harness. Your second install looks better.

Originally Posted by ChasWG View Post
Ohhhhhhh, ejector seats!!!!!!! I want that one, but I got no moon roof. Oh well!

I'm not going to install a switch just for those lights. I'll save that spot for something else, something bigger. Not sure what, yet...

The blue light in the dome always stays on, so why not these? Yeah It would be cool to wire them into the power for the seat heater switches, but so far my experience with tapping into existing power hasn't go too well with this car. I just can't seem to figure out the wiring colors and what is what.

By the way, where does the fog light switch go for those cars that came equiped with factory fog lights? Is the switch in the headlight location on that same stalk or is it a stand alone switch?
Just drill a hole in the cubby and throw a switch in there. You could wire other lights to it to make it like the actual kit. There is a hole above the cubby in front of the shifter where another LED goes with the OEM kit. You could also wire CFL or LED in the footwell area to that same switch.

The fog switch is in the stalk outside of the US, but in the US, the fog kit comes with a button that goes next to the mirror adjustment knob. Outside of the US it is the mirror folding switch there.

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