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the shaft on both sides moves in and out slightly less than 1/8 of an inch and wiggles up and down side to side and to hell and back. Im tired of screwing around with these duds. Ive got an impreza that has a perfect transmission with no leaks, all except the torque bind which is better but not 100% gone and the shuddering when accelerating, and i have outback with no torque bind and a axle stubs that are screwed up and dump about 15 gallons of gear oil. i cant win for losing, its probably my best bet to scrap both of these cars and buy a toyota. the 98 avalon i drive has been run in ditches and drove out, spun tires constantly, gone offroading, never seen less than 6k rpm at every shift, ive held the tranny in neutral, reved to 6000rpm and slammed it in Drive, coasted down interstate in neutral for about 6 miles (which i hear is horrible on the transmission) and has 210k miles on it and has never given the least problem. The outback and impreza has been babied and well maintained and i cant even get a good driving car out of either of them. Or maybe i should just take the impreza engine, throw it in the outback the way it is (screw replacing the seals and dumping money in it) and just sell the outback for 1500 the way it is. Let the front differential fall out in the road with someone else.

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