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A quick update for today. Last night I was driving home and noticed that the light on the overhead was out completely (and my dash light was on of course). Normally the "pass airbag" is lit but no "on" or "off". Just for fun I hit the overhead console and the "pass airbag" light blinked. I waited a few minutes and hit it again and it stayed on. Nothing else came on though.

I got home and decided to pull the overhead down and check for loose connections. I unplugged a few things and wiggled a few things and had no luck getting anything to change. I put it all back together and called it a night.

This morning I left the house and again everything was out. I hit the overhead again and both the "pass airbag" and "off" lights blinked. I hit it several times and they only flashed as I hit them. Then, a few minutes later, they both came on by themselves and stayed on for the rest of the trip.

This is really strange and confusing.....