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That was a good typo. Fixed it. LOL.

Uploading the new pix now. I worked late yesterday. Stayed with the car till noon. then went to LA and got home around 10pm. Everything is back together now. She is ready to load the base map. I am checking to see if I can have the Stromung by Wed so I can get it tuned and hand it over complete before the meet.

First two weeks was going over the entire car and coming up with plan A, ordering parts and taking delivery. Next two weeks were RAIN. Worst storms in last 10 years. Brought me to a stand still with all the painting needed to be done. Then once we got 3/4 way into it, plans changed. More damage was found, the decision to open the motor was made. Upgrades went WAY up. Decisions to change current set up and go bigger were made. More parts ordered. More shipping time. Then, I raan out of wrap. My bad. I could have just grabbed more, but I ordered a bunch of stuff all at once. Something happened in shipping and it was delayed 5 days. So, what should have been a 1 month project turned into 6 weeks. It happens.

When diving into a "build", not just an upgrade delays and overruns should be expected. There is too much unexpected that rears its head. If you want it done right, it takes time.

I have other cars to work on too. I can't devote 40 hours a week to just this car. Anyone who has had a car "built" will understand. You drop it off knowing it will take time, but you are getting back a new machine.

So much of this car has changed over the last month. It will drive, ride, and perform completely different. It will be "new" to LALGT. Anyone who has seen it before will not recognize it.

Best example and LALGT should feel slightly flattered.

I had a customer here on Saturday for a turbo swap. He walked LALGT's car. Afterwards his remark "Wow, your SpecB is nice".

My Spec was in the garage behind a closed door on stands with no suspension or brakes and half the motor out. Dust is about 1/2 inch thick.

LALGT's car was mistaken for MINE!

That would have NEVER happened a month ago.