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Maybe I've found the Solution
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It may just be a strange coincidence or it may be a solution to the problem...I originally started this thread because of hte strange sound my car was making on every "cold" start-up below 40 degrees....Well about 3 weeks ago my car became due for it's first oil change since me owning it, being an avid AMSOIL user in everythign I own, and with the Turbo Engine considered, I figured might as well cough up the dough and put Amsoil in the Scoobaru. Mind you it has been Winter (below freezing temps) here in Western PA since about mid November....Well kinda funny and unbelievable but ever since I fed my car some Amsoil the strange morning screech has vanished!!!!! Not once have I heard it since the morning before I changed the oil and the temp has ranged from 5 degrees to 50 degrees wit hit currently in the twenties all day everyday recently...This may back the theory that the noise is hte bendix in the starter not retracting fast enough in the morning, in which case the fix would be better lubrication from the Amsoil allowing it to retract fast enough when cold, maybe??? IDK exactly, it may just be a coincidence, but all I know is I havent heard that god awful screech ever since the Amsoil transfusion