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Engine Coolant Loss
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Has anyone with a 2010 and newer Legacy noticed a drastic drop in their engine coolant level?

After changing the oil in my car, I checked the coolant reservoir and noticed that the liquid level had dropped well below the "low" marker. I let the car sit over night and checked the coolant level again with the engine ice cold. Still, the coolant was reading extremely low.

I dropped the car off at a Subaru dealer who conducted a "pressure test" (I'm assuming that this is similar to a leak decay test). They concluded that the cooling system was tight. Based on the message that they left for me, they felt that some coolant loss to evaporation was "normal." I have an extremely difficult time believing their explanation.

Doesn't antifreeze do 3 things?:

1) Prevent corrosion
2) Lower the freezing point of water
3) Increase the boiling point of water well above the range of normal operating temperatures, thus preventing the water from graduating an energy state into the vapor phase

What gives? I've never owned a new car that lost this much coolant within the first 9 months of ownership. Not withstanding leaks or internal engine problems, you'd think that an 11 year coolant labeled "Super Coolant" wouldn't result in extra maintenance.
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