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Originally Posted by f1anatic View Post
You assume that I assumed that you are at the begining with the CarPC thing. I chave noted your contributions over the years in the CarPC thread. I've recently been thru the same thing: PC died (actually USB ports stopped working) and the screen died. Screen got fixed by Xenarc and I bought the D510 unit. 170 bucks; no more work but solder two wires and mount it in a smaller plastic box enclosure. In fact in about 10 minutes I am gonna take this Veteran's Day break to go install my CarPC...version 2.0 to be exact. And in fact I can teach you how to get your old Windows Operating system (with Centrafuse, SSM-3, iGuidance or whatever you are running etc) back in a new PC. That was my course of action because I did not want to fiddle with new hardware beyond minor soldering and wrenching several screws and chopping out a plastic box so I can put my new CarPC inside. It worked out so far.
Well, you know what they say when you assume....

You're a bigger man than I, though. I don't have the time anymore, nor the patience to deal with a full on CarPC. I finally got off of Centrafuse (pc couldn't handle CF3, among other reasons) and switched to RoadRunner and things started to seem better. Then it started giving me problems again. Though, it could have just been a sign that it was on it's way out, which it was.

Good luck with V2.0. I'm hoping my 2.0 is what we're talking about. I'd LOVE to be able to just shove a tablet behind my existing 2DIN (hopefully with little-to-no modifications), and be done. I intended on a more sophisticated system - for use with bluetooth, back-up cam, etc... but never got around to it, so it was mainly for smaller things like music, weather, navigation, etc. which would be perfect for an android tablet.
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