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Start-Up Squeel/Grind
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Hey everyone, I am new to this forum and the LGT and so far I love both.
Anyhow, I have had my 2005 LGT for 2 weeks now and the weather has finally started to get cold in the PA mornings (about 35-40 degrees F). My car has started and run beautifully thus far cold or hot....
This morning though it gave me a little apprehension on start up. It was 35 degrees out, and when it cranked over it made about a 1-2 second long squeel or grind kind of sound (almost like a fan belt but not really). It only made this sound as it cranked over and once it was running it was fine, and then when i restarted at the gas station once I bought my pumkin spice coffee it started up normally and queitly. This sound was probably nothing at all, but the slight grind in the squeel had me worried a touch and wanted to ask and see if it is nature of the beast when it gets cold (i.e. a fan belt getting cold or slipping), or even if it is sign of something failing (i.e. a battery going bad or even a starter).
Please let me know what any of you think to ease my nerves lol.
Also, on a side note, what oil weight is everyone running...I know the manual says 5w30 but I am an Amsoil fan and they reccommend their 0w30..any thoughts or recommendations???
Thanks a lot for your help and sorry for the long winded post!
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