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Title: Where'd that Pop-It go?!
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LOL - now THAT would have been a huge mistake that would have pissed me off royally!

No, indeed, the halo-ring is on the "outside," the attached picture should clarify, but what is illustrated in the very badly taken pic above (sorry, bro, but I only have two hands, and I'm not very good at taking photos ) is that the halo-ring surrounds the "triple clawed" chrome ring that itself surrounds our low-beam projector lens. The chrome ring is an "outie" in this very poor pic.

Hope that clarifies things a bit, and I apologize for the confusion.

The picture included below (attachment), "pic 1," should put things into the proper perspective.


jedi and The B4 -

Thanks, brothas. And heck, jedi, I almost always wear my ring, it pretty much never gets in my way. I only take it off when I have to go completely sterile/aseptic.


firedawgs -

Correct, it's not a complete circle.

If you wish to conceal the partial-circle nature of this setup, I would recommend going with "eyelids," if that's in-turn to your taste.

As per the "directions" in the Walk-Through, I have the DDEs hooked up to the side-marker/turn-signal harness - wired only so that the halo turns on with the side-marker (aka "parking lamp"), but does -NOT- flash with the turn signal.

To hook up to the power for the fogs, you just have to take your tap wire down a bit farther - you'll easily access the wiring harness for the fogs, since with this install, you'll have your front bumper cover all the way off, anyway.

To fully independently supply power to this unit, you'll need to wire in a separate lead for 12V-power. However, this will then risk your accidentally leaving the unit "on" and draining your battery. As such, I would instead recommend that you slave such a switched power connection off of, say, either your headlight, parking lamps, or fog circuit - that way, when you remove the key from your vehicle, you can rest assured that all power is indeed completely off, and you will not return to an electrically drained, dead, ride.


Finally - RPM/Donny -

No need to thank me, brother! Thank *you* for providing an excellent product at a great cost, as well as for providing the community with truly EXCELLENT customer service!

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