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19. To assemble the rear shocks you will need the following hardware:

A) Koni rear shock
B) OEM dust cover (P/N 20372AE00A, qty.1/side)
C) OEM upper spring seat (P/N 20375AE00A, qty.1/side)
D) Nut & Lock-washer from Koni kit
E) OEM top mount (P/N 20370AG00A, qty.1/side)
F) Epic Engineering rear spring
G) Lower spring perch from Koni kit

20. Install the lower spring seat onto the shock. It is common for people to install this upside down, so make sure the seat is oriented as in the picture below. Go ahead and install the dust cover while you are at it. The rear dust cover needs to be "forced" onto it's mounting boss on the shock as it is a very tight fit.

Click image for larger version

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21. Compress the spring with standard spring compressor tools. Install the spring with the spring seat, top mount and hardware. The upper spring seat should be oriented as shown in the picture. *NOTE* Rotate the top mount so that the studs are perpendicular to the lower bolt axis before. The picture below does not represent this.

Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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22. Tighten the nut and lock-washer with a ratchet. Remove the spring compressors. Save the final torquing for once it is installed in the car. You now have this:

Click image for larger version

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