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12. To assemble the front struts you will need the following hardware:

A) Koni front shock assembled into strut housing
B) OEM dust cover (P/N 20322AG00A, qty.1/side)
C) OEM top mount (P/N
20320AG00A, qty.1/side)
D) Nut & Lock-washer from Koni kit
E) OEM bump stop (P/N
20321AA201, qty.1/side)
F) OEM conical washer (P/N
20326AA000, qty.1/side)
G) OEM upper spring seat (
P/N 20323AG00A, qty.1/side)
H) Epic Engineering front spring

Click image for larger version

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13. Install the plastic washer included with the Konis and the push the bump stop onto the shaft of the Koni shock. (Reference pic in step #12)

14. Compress the spring with standard spring compressor tools. Reference step #21 (post #3) for more pictures.

15. Place the dust cover over the strut rod and the spring. Make sure the spring is seated properly in the lower perch.

16. Make sure the strut rod is fully extended and place the upper spring seat onto the strut. If you can not get the spring seat to bottom out on the shoulder of the strut rod you need to compress the spring some more. Also, to make your life easier, you want to make sure that the holes in the upper spring seat are pointed towards the outside of the vehicle (in the same direction as the knuckle bracket at the bottom of the strut.)

Click image for larger version

Name:	springseat.jpg
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17. Place the conical washer on top of the upper spring seat, smaller diameter side up. This washer allows the spring seat to interface solely with the inside diameter of the bearing in the strut mount. If you install it upside-down you will essentially be grinding the spring seat/washer/strut mount interface every time you turn.

18. Install the strut mount, studs facing up, and thread the lock-washer and nut onto the strut rod. I use a ratchet to get the nut on as far as possible but only torque it once it's installed on the car. This is what you will have:

Click image for larger version

Name:	img8948s.jpg
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