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Originally Posted by mpiotro View Post
I've heard the install torque on these solenoids can be very important also. I cleaned mine and it seems to be OK, but I have thrown a cyl 3 misfire intermittenly. I logged AVCS left and right for days on end and never found a problem. Quit logging and it threw a code-LOL. Typically more AVCS advance is called for at lower rpm/higher load situations. The solenoid fails to move on one side and you get a misfire code. I am still getting a rare cyl 3 misfire once every 3 weeks or so that I feel like is related to this solenoid, but I hate to throw money at an issue without being 100% sure.

For those with Cobb you can log both AVCS left and right, they should stay pretty close together with 2 degrees of each other at all times. If one side lags consistently in degrees of advance, it's probably the solenoid (or the banjo filter to the solenoid)
Install torque is, of course, going to be important as snapping a bolt off would be bad... beyond that there's no serious direct correlation between the tension on that bracket and the seating of the device.

As to your issue if your missfire is rare I doubt it's the solenoid... as with starter solenoids and others for the most part they either work or they dont... if this thing doesn't work you get a lot more than 1 cyl misfiring, the whole car runs like absolute shyte with mutliple missfires.. The whole bank will intermittently fail causing intermittent failure on the drivers bank as well.

Take a look at your plug gapping and coil on cyl3?

Oh and check your wiring harness for cyl3 coil for breaks/tears/fraying/weakness

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