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First impressions:

The clutch pedal doesn't take much effort, and it grabs hard.
In 6th, 70 mph is about 2700 RPM. Cuz I'm doing this for the mileage, you know.
As expected, the clutch is noisy when you hold the pedal down. So I'm using neutral more.
The reverse lights are a little flaky. They usually work, but sometimes it takes a couple tries.
The STI shift lever feels nice. About the same throw as my Cobb lever, but taller (and I had the Cobb set as tall as possible).
Haven't really pushed it hard yet, but I'm looking forward to it...

More impressions:

With DCCD off, a hard launch will spin the rear wheels on dry pavement.
I am starting to get the hang of shifting without losing all boost. It's hard on the car, but it adds 10mph to my trap speed.
Looking forward to getting DCCD hooked up...

More impressions:

Giving it throttle in corners makes the car want to oversteer on the track. Super fun. Still no DCCD yet.

More impressions:

I talked with a guy who has a GT3071R on E85 making ridiculous amounts of torque. Twice he has broken both a front and rear driveshaft on the same launch. His theory (which totally makes sense to me) is that as soon as a rear axle snaps, the center diff transfers all torque to the fronts, which are weaker, and one of those will break immediately. So I leave DCCD off for drag racing (in spite of busting my ass to get it hooked up the afternoon before a race day, I changed my mind about it at the last second). I get some rear wheel spin but the car still launches pretty well. On my first time at the track the timing system wasn't working, but on my second time out, I got these 60' times:

1.384 (I did not think that a stock-location 30R could do that)

Most importantly, nothing broke. Those launches were all done by holding around 4500 RPM (no boost), lifting the clutch abruptly, and stomping the throttle. I might have stomped too soon for the 1.38, so maybe I should try launching at a higher RPM.

And even though I have the DccdPro controller hooked up I haven't got much to say about it except that when I turn it up too far, I can feel it working against me. Can't wait to try DCCD on a track that has turns in it.

More impressions:

The clutch is now quiet at idle, with the clutch pedal pressed. I can't hear it at all from the driver's seat, but I haven't checked from outside the car. It has been this quiet for quite some time, I just didn't think to update this post. It's still audible when shifting, and when starting up, but not as much as in the beginning. I'm told that after a while enough clutch dust builds up to suppress the rattle noise.

Also, the amount of wheelspin I get when launching depends a lot on the track. At Portland Int'l, I was getting what seemed like just the right amount of wheelspin to prevent bogging. At Bremerton, with DCCD still off, I got zero wheelspin no matter how hard I tried, so I had to (learn to) slip the clutch instead.

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