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P0011, P0021, Missfire, OCV or Oil flow Control Valve
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** Note, if you have this code and you smell burnt rubber and your turbo is whining its most likely too late, turbo was oil starved and is dead...** (stop blaming the BANJO bolt unless you pull it and its full of garbage)

Logging this primarly as search fodder. Last Thursday I was preparing for a road trip when I threw P0011 (P0011 "A" Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1) ) and missfires at 1,3 and 4. I was late on my oil change by about 1,000 miles but had kept it topped off to full. The terrible performance only occured when the car was warm indicating to me this wasnt a timing belt issue or some other static issue, it had to be related to heat or oil...

P0011 and P0021 appear to be primarily due to Oil flow Control Valve failure or sticking. the OCV regulates oil pressure to the cam sprocket which adjusts VVT for the intake cams on the passenger (P0011) and Drivers (P0021) side.

There are a number of threads correlating turbo failure and these codes. It would appear to me, after my experience, that turbo failure can be a result of not addressing this issue promptly, rather than P0011 = Turbo failure. Here's how I got around the issue, this may or may not work for you.

After a ton of searching i happend across this thread with pics
I limped the car from O'Reilly's (where I got the code read) to the nearest lube shop and got an oil change ASAP. The car then ran fine until it warmed up where it having the same missfires, CEL etc. I limped it home and found the above thread. What I did was pulled the passenger side OCV (under the intake tube, exactly opposite the drivers side pictured in the thread above) by removing the bolt and harness, sliding it half way out, rotating it 90* CCW looking at it from the front, then wiggling it past the support bracket. The vale itself moved freely but did have some buildup on the spring at the tip. I nailed the valve with a ton of PB blaster (i'm sure any penetrating oil would work) and worked the action quite a bit. I then, thinking back to old starter solenoids, shot a bit of PB into the crevices in the metal casing and gave the solenoid several pops with a small hammer to loosen it up (holding it in my hand, it wasnt like i was crushing it against the floor), PB blasted again rinse and repeat a few times. After dunking the valve into some oil I reinstalled and took the car for a 15mi drive. The CEL stayed on but i no longer had high or low power symptoms.

After that I hit the road, 450 miles (CEL eventually went off) as of this morning and no issues. I plan to replace the vale soon anyhow but that got me on the road. Hope it helps..

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