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Originally Posted by Ransom View Post
I have an '07 Spec B so the up-pipe is not an issue. Wouldn't throwing the stock DP back on with the stage 2 tune still in place be a problem? I mean they really push the car on those dynos last I saw and the tune wouldn't account for that terrible bottleneck, would it? Don't want to hurt my baby
No you don't want to do that. What I was saying is that a stage 2 tune in itself would not be a concern for not passing emissions testing. Most stage 1 and 2 tunes alter very little in the way of idle and cruising situations (closed loop) and therefore should have little to no effect on emissions outcome. The catalyst in the downpipe on the Cobb, however COULD potentialy be an issue. A fellow CO LGT owner had issues trying to pass smog recently with a Cobb catted DP. He replaced it with the stock DP for the testing after initially failing (barely) and passed with flying colors. Your results could be totally different. Do they perform a visual inspection?
Here in WA, on OBD-II equipped cars they just hook up the scanner and make sure all sensors show ready and there are no faults (Check Engine Lights.) No sniffer and no visual. Makes it easy to pass on a highly modded car as long as the stock ECU is still in the car.