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So, the saga continues...

They swapped the AVCS units from side to side, and they both reset to 0 degrees, where they are supposed to be. But, the engine code is still getting thrown for a misfire on Cylinder 4. It is interesting to note that it only happens on warm up.

They also swapped the injectors, swapped out the oxygen sensors, and swapped out an Air Fuel Mixture celenoid. Previously, they changed the spark plugs, coil packs, and had a compression test which was OK. All their testing has resulted in the same thing; a misfire on Cylinder 4.

The dealer claims that Subaru Canada Tech. is now suggesting to put in a new ECU "because that is all it really could be". It honestly seems like they are grasping at straws here... The cost on the ECU is over $1000, and they want me to pay for it even if it doesnt solve the problem because they dont have one in stock. Im not really willing to pay $1000 so they can continue their guess and test method of research here...

Any other ideas what it could be?