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I have to disagree about the interior and transmission.

The interior is comparable for this class and price range. The Legacy is no Infiniti M or Mercedes E, so the interiors will not be equivalent.

The 6mt is worlds better than the 5mt from my 2006 LGT. The 2006 5mt was rubbery, noisy (whine), imprecise and hated reverse. The 6mt shifts are precise, slop free and completely without drama.

There are a few owners complaining about wheel shimmy. No shimmy issues here.

The ride is far quieter than the 4G. Power is up stock vs. stock, and the handling is about equivalent. It is a larger car, so it gives up some agility. If you're looking to autox, you'll want to upgrade (no different than 4G). That said, I can't see anyone wanting to autox a car this size.

For me, the 2010 fixes many of the 4G weaknesses:
- finally a precise MT (slop is finally gone)
- clutch feels stronger
- better handling - stock (porpoising and nose-dive reduced, better damping)
- quiet ride
- more power - stock
- no more turbo studder
- better quality interior (IMO)
- bigger inside without a huge weight increase
- stereo no longer integrated with HVAC
- no more squeaks and rattles - so far (time will tell)
- turbo no longer sitting where it can bake the front passenger CV boot

Where Subaru failed to improve:
- still no HIDs without aftermarket
- no direct injection
- no tap-turn
- styling could be better
- wish it was a half-size smaller (more akin to the 2004-2009 Mazda6)
- rear LSD gone
- engine should have been and easily could have been tuned to 300+

I would buy one again in a heartbeat. I have no regrets in giving up the 4G - and I really liked my 4G.

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