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Originally Posted by Scrad View Post
Yeah I know what your talking about with the noise. I notice it when I back out of my garage. But I don't have things set like I want and I figure the springs have to settle first. I think your right on the preload I didn't have my springs very compressed so I know they are a little loose.
Originally Posted by Th3Franz View Post
additional noise is pretty normal for coilovers with metal pillow ball mounts. Sometimes, greasing the top of the springs can help reduce binding and reduce the noise. It's one reason why helper springs are used.
My front coilovers are making noise at every change of motion, from braking to turning, slow down, speed up... noises everywhere. It's definitely not now and again, the only time the front suspension is silent is when the car is going over 30mph and going straight. The rears are not making any noise at all.

In talking with Andrew at AJW it sounds like they had a batch where the top hats were on super tight, and I think I got the worst set of the bunch. In his experience, loosening that top bolt can take care of most of the noises, then tighten it back down to a somewhat normal tightness. I can not BUDGE that top bolt on either front coliover, I've damaged two allen wrenches trying to do so... any suggestions?

I understand that coilovers might be prone to more noises, but these are far beyond any acceptable level IMHO. I've owned several sets in the past and can't remember hearing a peep from any of them. I'm hoping mine are defective... that sounds weird!

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