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wow. there are 3 parts to download. there are 4 hours left till the 3rd part is done. o m g

and wow! there is less room then i thought in that engine bay.. idk if looping the intake that hard will even be worth it. how did rallitek do it? some one here had one. maybe they could chime in.

and the maf. that thing is long. can you by different maf's that are not 4 inchs of tube.

and what i said about 3 inch pipe. NOT goona happen unless i more alot of stuff around. any one know where i should put the right front strut tower??

and also a question. you do that little gismo thats directly in the center of the firewall and the upper most. has a 5 or 6 wire plug going into in. i moved it. and i took it apart and saw it was gounded to the plate its on. i moved the plate with it, does it mater that i put it some where else and only 1 bolt is grounding it. the ground point is like 2 inchs away with another grounded wire. not to big a move.