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Installing foglamps on 2010 Legacy
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I also installed foglamps today and they seemed a bit more involved than I gathered from the instructions, but it's still pretty easy.

For starters, I could not get the blank trim pieces off from the front of the bumper with any of my trim tools. I ended up pulling down the splash shield below each section to access the trim (and I needed them down later as well). To drop the shield, I removed two of these:

I have a special pair of pliers made to remove these but again, a normal pair of needlenose pliers or even 2 flatheads used together will free the center pin. Just pull down on it enough to make the head pop out and then pull the whole pin out. Now the shield can be pulled down. I should also add that even doing this, it was a bit tight and I scratched my hand to hell. Either be ok with this or wear gloves.

To remove the blank trim, I reached under to the tab on the inner portion of the panel (pointing toward the center). There are two clips you need to release while pushing outward:

With the inner portion freed, you can pull the trim out from the outer clips:

Here is the taped up plug on the passenger side. Driver side is similar:

Better view of plug:

Take the metal clip nut and install it with the ridge facing to the FRONT. This seems weird but it's how it works. I reached around from the area that the fake "grill" part of the foglamp trim will cover. It just pushes on. Installing the foglamp itself again is where I had to go through the splash shield, there was no other way I could figure out how to make it go in. The lamps are not marked left/right as best I could tell but from previous experience, the connector on the light always pointed downward so I used that, along with putting the manufacturer name (Valero I think) at the 12:00 position. After the light was placed behind the panel from underneath, I reached around from the "grill" area again and picked up the light, sat the taps (they look like screws go in them, but there are none) into slots on the outer part of the bumper than seated the inner ones. There is a pin for the bottom inner one to sit on/in and the top inner one is secured with the supplied 10mm bolt. You'll need a ratchet or ratcheting wrench to make this easy to tighten.

After both lamps are installed, slide the outer portion of the new trim panels into the bumper and push in the clips, moving inward.

The next thing I did was the switch. Pull down and remove the fuse panel door and reach up and push off the black trim panel. Remove the two phillips screws and pull down this portion of the dash.

I couldn't get a good picture of removing the switch, but this takes some finesse. Look at your new switch to see where the clips are. Once released, the switch pulls out from behind the panel and the new one pushed in, plugged in and then put the dash back together.

Last is the relay underhood. It is the blue one that is not seated in this pic:

Turn the headlights on (they won't work with just parking lights on) and enjoy:

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