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Originally Posted by chuckzul View Post
Well, I got the final post mortem on my ex-Legacy. Turned out to be a ring (cracked/broken) on one cylinder which caused some scoring to the walls and a carbon fouled exhaust valve on another. The estimate to fix this was $5-$6k (basically a rebuilt motor). This doesn't include the clutch or the brakes which would have needed replacing this year. Good thing I dumped that turd while I had the chance. Having read more and more stories about aging Legacys, I'll never buy another one and I won't suggest to anyone else to buy one either. Long live the Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi.
I ended up doing the fix, but I agree that, after this Subaru, I will not buy another one again. I took the best possible care of this car. No maintenance was skipped, and the best fluids were used, etc., and just when I thought that I had a great car (I even posted about how great the car was before the engine went to hell), I got this.

If I was the only one, or it seemed like a rare problem, I would chalk it up to bad luck for me and a few others. But there are many on here who have had this same problem, and the guys who did my repair work both mentioned that this is not a rare problem. I recommended Subarus to an untold number of friends and family, and now I feel uneasy about having offered that advice.

Ohh, and to top it all off, I changed the oil today, and saw that the passenger's side axle boot was split and there is grease all over. humph...