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Racer X (itsme) FMIC install
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Hi, all I'm still here. The reason the pictures are down is Photobucket. After being free for 7+ years they decided to charge for pictures on 3 party sites. I was thinking they would start at $100, maybe $200. Nope they shoot straight to $400 a year. So, I got off my butt, and made install instruction on my website. It's updated to the latest version of the kit and fixed all the grammatical errors and confusing language. (I hope. LOL) I'm going into my 8th year and thanks for all the support over the years. I will still be around to answer questions. Have a great day


6/12/10 update: The kits are now in stock and ready to ship. No waiting for GBs. PM me if you want one. Bryan
5/27/10 update I have more kits ready to ship the week of June 6. If you are interested let me know. Here is a link to a '08+ WRX. and I'm now working on a kit that will fit '08+ STi's and LGTs with STI swaps. It's done. Bryan

Update: I just started a new GB
First, you have to take off your bumper skin. Put you car on ramps or jack stands to give you more room. You have to move this sensor or it will IC. We tie wraped it behind the bracket. Then remove your factory FMIC and even this black hose.

It should look like this.

Next, you want to put on the 2.75"to 2.5" coupler. The 81/73 t-clamp goes on the 2.75" end connected TB like this

Get the "j" shaped pipe with the BOV flange and install it into the coupler on the TB you will need the 75/67 t-clamp here.

You will have to see which work the best for you. If you want to go under, over, or thur the fuel lines with the "J" pipe.
You will have to take off the lower black plastic tray. You will have to cut off the ends and it will look pretty much like this. You have to trim it for the pipes to clear. If you ever go back to stock this will be hidden by your bumper skin.
The tray is held on by 4 bolts. Since you cut the ends of the tray you don't use the threaded welded nuts on the outside. I would recommend you trim the thin sheet metal the holds the welded on nuts. It's a very thin piece of metal in front of the seam and a 1" wide. You can use a hack saw, pliers, tin snips, etc.. to remove. This will help the pipes fit up higher. Now get this 2.5" pipe. This is also the pipe you can cut on the straight section near the top to give extra clearance for the taller batteries. Try it first. Then cut if needed.

update: If you have the V.3 kit this pipe is already in 2 pcs.

you connect the 2pcs with the included hump hose like this.

With this pipe you go from the bottom on the driver side. Go up while twisting. It will clear the overflow tank. You have to get the pipe over this seam weld lip. The pipe goes on the inside of the tow hooks.

Up top it should look like this.
Now you need a 2.5" coupler and two more 75/67 t-clamps.

The pipes should be on the inside of the tow hooks. Now put the trimmed black plastic tray back on and the 2 bolts that are left. Now take all the bolts off the bumper support (8x12mm and 2x10mm on a '08). Now put the IC behind the bumper beam on top of the black plastic tray. You will need a 2.5" and 2 75/67 to connect the driver side pipes to the IC.
Racer X FMIC for '05-'09 LGTs, '08+ WRX and '10+ LGT,'14+ FXT, and '15+ WRX TMIC

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