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Exhaust Audio/Video Clip Compilation Thread - 2.5i Edition
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Yes, there's already a thread like this in the Intake/Exhaust section of the forum, but I'm sure ALL of them are for the GT/Spec.B, so I decided to create a 2.5i version of it so the newcomers will have an easier time looking for these instead of constantly making new threads. It'll probably also help them realize our cars dont sound like the GT/Spec.B's too

I'm also going to include clips of people who have UEL headers so people know what the 2.5i have the potential to sound like. Please note that 2005 non-PZEV models already have UEL headers stock. I will indicate if the video is from an 2005 model if applicable.

If you guys/gals find a video that I don't, please send me the link via PM so I can update the 1st post and keep all the videos on the first page to avoid searching/confusion for others!

Also, if one of these videos are yours and you want it removed from the thread, feel free to PM me for that as well. Also, I don't know some of you who posted these videos so PM me if some of the videos are yours so I can give you credit!

Anyway, enough talk

1999 with Stromung Cat-Back with Borla UEL headers
Thanks heresmymind!

2005 with various setups
Thanks CDN 2.5i!

Magnaflow with custom cat-back piping + Borla UEL headers (There's a few more clips in her YouTube album with EL setup too).
Thanks MSPRO!

Magnaflow Cat-Back with UEL headers
Thanks bomberlegacy!

OEM Legacy GT cat-back + OEM Legacy GT header idle

Magnaflow Cat-Back, resonator, & catalytic convertor + Borla UEL header
Thanks GEE-OTTO!

XO2 Racing with EJ20K UEL headers (There's a few more clips in his YouTube album).
Thanks shtbxr22!

Prodrive with Borla UEL headers
Thanks MonkeyHermit!

Vibrant (1034) mufflers with OEM Legacy GT header
(There's a couple of idling clips in his YouTube album too).
Thanks aac0036!

XO2 Racing
Thanks THE RZA!

CXlighting (mislabeled as X02 on YouTube)
Thanks Vbelisle!

Perrin Performance

Magnaflow Cat-Back

Magnaflow Cat-Back, Vibrant 18" resonator, unknown tip silencers
Thanks sulk!

Thanks MonkeyHermit!

AVO axle-back

Skip to 0:23, 1:07, and 2:00 for actual sound, the rest is me driving back and forth

Thanks cybonic!

Thanks 93turbo2!

2010 with Magnaflow Cat-Back
Thanks legacy360!

2011 with Invidia Q300
Thanks amick1995!

2012 with Perrin Axle-back
Thanks amidroc!

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