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WTF? Transmission wonít separate from engine. Need help ASAP!
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Okay, I am in the middle of replacing a clutch on a friendís 05 Legacy GT Wagon and having some serious issues. I am doing the move the transmission back method. I have a transmission jack along with a engine hoist to support the engine. I have spent numerous hours now trying to separate the tranny from the engine. I tried everything from different amounts of force on the tranny jack and the engine hoist. I had a heavy duty ratchet strap pulling back on the tranny while I pried with a bar. Absolutely nothing, not even the slightest gap yet. Oh and I did down load the service manual so I knew I had all the bolts out!
Finally a 1am on the second night of wrestling around with it we decided to give up and I released the ratchet strap. All of a sudden a small gap appeared in the seam! Enough to get a screw driver in there and we kept tapping larger ones in and then finally the pry bar fit. We managed to get about a ľĒ gap and thatís it. I pried the crap out of the thing on the bottom and top of the case and nothing.
What the hell? I donít want to wreck anything.
Has anyone else had this hard of a time and if so how did you get it apart? Am I missing anything? Please anyone?
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