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DROCK - I am dieing to know what the heck happened to your tranny actually...

Let me run this through my teenage discombobulator

Originally Posted by Roldan View Post
I drive my Mom's car like I didn't pay for it, because she did. I cooerced and begged her to get a Subaru thinking I would get it eventually. She bought a subaru to replace her Audi that I totaled. My parents have spent a LOT of money at Carter Subaru in Shoreline repairing the damage I have been doing to the car to try to impress my friends. I think it is SOA's fault definately. Maybe tossing in STI parts will make this the perfect car for me and my mom will finally stop driving it and I can be just like the fast guys on the forum.
Seriously I am really sorry to hear about your transmission problems but you gotta' pay to play. Many fourm members say "STAY STOCK - STAY HAPPY."

I honestly believe that you drive your mom's car like it was stolen. "I'm a licensed road racer so it is not in my nature to go around launching cars from stop lights and I'm also adept at not destroying cars if they are designed and built properly." Because young, male wanna-be racers don't ever launch cars that are not theirs! I would be way more inclined to believe you if you said it was occasionally driven like it is tracked.

When you race cars and drive them hard, you cannot expect stock parts to wear at the rate they would driven with a gentle touch. You do know that JOHNAWD has over 400whp in his daily driven (loud) LGT??? He is not breaking things and has enough power to make me pee myself.

Do you have an idea what the Nurburgring does to cars? It eats 'em. Seriously. It is said that one serious lap of the Nur is the same as putting over 1000 miles on your car in regular driving, and it is not said jokingly. BMW scraps many ringtaxi every year instead of selling them used. Why? They are DONE. Just done. Those of us that treat our neighborhood like our own private Nur are bound to go through parts pretty quick.

PS - If your mom does drive like an Andretti and you are not allowed anywhere near it, I do appologize but I would say thats about a 1% chance... It is a chance though, after all... MY MOTHER DRIVES AN STI.

Sunscribed to hear what happened to D_ROCK tranny

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