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I now have about 400 miles on Pearl since she had the SOA reflash done to "fix" the studdering. Previously, my studder was most noticeable in 3rd gear just under 4K rpm (many others have it more frequently in 2nd around 2500 rpms or so).

First, the bad:

- The car continues to studder. I have experienced the studder in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears and anywhere between 2-4K rpms.

- The stutter seems to be more noticeable now in 2nd around 2500-3K rpms than it had ever been before

Now the good:

- Overall, the car seems to studder LESS frequently, and when it does stutter, it is seemingly a MILDER stutter.

- Though I was previously able to consistently induce the stutter in 3rd gear around 3800 rpms or so, I am generally UNABLE to do so now. Yes, it has stuttered in 3rd, but it is infrequent, inconsistent, and not easily induceable.

- Power delivery seems smoother.

- The car seems quicker (though I doubt it really is).

Bottom line - this seems to be an improvement rather than a fix. I am glad I did it and the car is better with it than it was without it. However, many with the AP have said that the AP cures about 70-80% of the studdering. I would say that this SOA "fix" has done about as well.

DISCLAIMER - this is a status report as of 400 miles. Things may change as I pile on the miles.

(COMMENT AND TWO) QUESTIONS - When cruising at 70mph in 5th, I am running right at 3K rpm. Though the car accelerates smoothly and quickly from 70-80, it consistently *feels* less torquey than before the reflash and I am forever wanting to drop down in gear.

Is 3K rpm about right for 70mph in 5th (I don't remember what it was before the reflash)?

Has anyone who has done the SOA "fix" noticed a change in torque "feel"?