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5MT Transmission Failure(s)
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My Mom has an '05 Legacy GT Wagon with a 5sp manual that she bought new in Jan of '05 after her '99 A6 Avant was totaled. I favored a Subaru to another Audi assuming it would be more reliable. I question that sentiment now as I do not expect major failures in cars at 90k mi.

The car has been regularly serviced at Carter Subaru in Shoreline, WA including oil changes. The dealer is indicating that a bearing has gone bad inside the transmission case. The transmission makes a strange noise at light to medium loads in 3rd and 4th gear. The dealer quoted a price of $2500 to repair the transmission. I think it is ridiculous to have to pay for such a repair in a car that only has 90k on it and would like to know if anyone has had luck getting Subaru or a dealer to cover such repairs.

Also, I've been searching on here to see if I could find a thread that details a STI tranny swap into a LGT wagon but haven't found anything. My understanding so far is that the tranny bolts into place and there are no changes needed to the drive shaft. Is this correct? I also assume that the STI tranny has the front end geared to 3.90 so the rear end gears would have to be changed to match. Are there 3.90 final drives available for the R160 or would it have to be upgraded to a R180? If my parents do have to pay for this repair I would like to use equipment that won't fail in another 90k.
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