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Originally Posted by RabidWombat View Post
It might also be driving style.

The AWD system works best when you've got your foot on the gas, that way the system has power to distribute. If you're coasting, the AWD system is nearly useless.

I'm basically a novice when it comes to serious winter conditions, so if people from the snowy parts could comment on driving style differences between RWD/FWD/AWD it might be helpful.
ive driven all three and in my experience

both fwd and awd should be gassed through turns. but not in the same method.
- fwd slow down before you enter the turn. when initiating the turn take your food off the brake or gas and once the car is in the turn nudge the throttle so you dont slide out of the turn.
- awd (for me and probly my problem) take the turn as normal but slowly.

rear wheels drive. i brake to shift the weight forward then i gas the car as i cut the turn early so i kick the back out. then i slide the car into the direction i want to go and once i am about to face my desired direction let off the gas so i stop slidding then i i hit the gas n go foward. basically i drift the turn.