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#1: 12-09-2009, 08:47 AM
Felt safer in my Prelude
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We just had our first snowfall ( Toronto ). It was fairly bad but I did not feel at all comfortable driving my LGT. I expected more from an AWD car that has been equipped with brand new Hankook iPike winter tires. I've felt safer in worse conditions driving my 2000 Prelude with summer tires on. At no time was I ever going to get stuck in the snow but the car handled quite poorly. I've gone through severe winter weather with lots of snow on the ground driving Preludes, Legends and 2 rear wheel drive Corolla GTS's. All felt much safer with better handling. I've also never installed snows before now. I didn't think I'd have to drive wayyyyyyyy slower than with my other cars.
Not bashing the car. I still love it but I'm at a loss to believe this is what I can expect in winter weather. One of the big reasons I got the LGT is because it's AWD and expected better winter performance, much better, than my previous cars
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