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Help!! I'm out in the Chicago area right now on a road trip with my girlfriend and I'm getting the P0304 - cylinder 4 misfire (I checked using the built-in reader). Before I left home the check engine light was on so I brought it into a shop where they spent 5 hours on diagnostics just to tell me I had a dirty injector. They said the mechanic cleaned off the dirt and reset the code and that it was fixed. I wasn't fully convinced they had solved the problem but I left on my trip anyways. About 200 miles into it, the check engine light came on again and I pulled to same code but there was no difference in performance so I put a bottle of Lucas upper cylinder lubricant ( and kept on driving. Now I'm at my cousins place in Naperville, IL and the car is stuttering badly on 1st gear, the clutch is making a weird noise whenever it is depressed, the idle is rough and I dont even feel safe to drive it. I'm getting the car towed to a shop soon but I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on what to do? I'm not mechanically inclined but I would appreciate any help to get me to complete my trip. HELP!!