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Official Test for NTD Throttle Control Unit
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As many of you may have read about this product in this thread:

Well, I have a throttle position modifier from the company NTD. This unit will allow the driver to select from three different modes: Normal, Sport and Eco. Unlike the factory installed SI Drive, this units has added levels of adjustment within each throttle position category.

There are 7 levels of adjustment in Sport Mode and 5 levels of adjustment in Eco mode. The normal mode has no level of adjustment. I will say that the components supplied are very good quality and the instructions have nicely sized diagrams and numbered steps for installation.

The hardware can only be plugged in one way so there should be little room for mistakes when installing this unit. The one technical part of the install may be wiring in the optional reverse circuit which monitors throttle position while in reverse. This is an optional step and is not required for proper functioning of the unit.


Installed the unit today took 11 minutes!!!!! This included the learning process the unit requires before you start your car. Took it out for a spin Eco mode is really great it delays the throttle motor so that you never get a burst of acceleration and power rolls on smooth.

Even if you switch during operation you can feel the throttle decrease to the programmed level. You can have it on the sporty end of economy or the really really conservative side.

Sport Mode has 7 levels and each one is noticeably more aggressive. Level 7 causes the throttle to come open 100 percent at the touch of the pedal. My car seemed like it had a turbo on it!!! Another added perk is that level 7 in sport is that hills are no longer a roll zone when taking off from a stand still. I am a veteran manual transmission operator and the way it alters the throttle pattern, the power is there as soon as you disengage the clutch.

An added benefit from this unit for the driver is the output of how much the throttle is open. It helps you understand just how much you need to press the pedal to make your car do what you want.

UPDATED 11/20/2009 VIDEO::
Video is of the unit in action in Sport mode because you can't video ECO in action just know that ECO delays the throttle so you don't get a guzzler effect. HERE you go:

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