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Originally Posted by JoeFromPA View Post
So unless you've got a concept for, say, a bolt-up turbo that provides lower boost lag, faster transient response, lower boost threshold, and the same top-end as the VF52 while providing a more reliable design....

Well, I don't think you'd sell alot of them otherwise.

Personally, I'd like to see a few more ball bearing and/or twin-scroll style turbos for the LGT that offer superb low-down power (i.e. 2000 rpms) while still maintaining a good top-end (say 260-280 awhp). Right now, those turbos are damn hard to find.
Everyone has their own preferences, but I disagree. I've started to look at turbo upgrades, and anything smaller than a VF52 is just too small for the 2.5L. For the goals you describe, most people would not waste their time with a turbo upgrade since you can hit close to those numbers with a custom tune stage 2 setup. With the VF40 I'm hitting 20 PSI peak at 2800 RPM and close to 280whp with a stage 2 + TMIC tune. My main issue with the VF40 is it dies so badly up top so if I red line each gear, I'm only hitting 17 psi in the next gear.

I'd love to see a company make an LGT-fitment turbo that is closer to say an HTA68 in spool and top end. We've been over the whole HTA68 vs VF52 debate before, but the top end of the HTA68 is much better with the spool being very comparable, when they are both properly tuned with comparable supporting mods. I would prefer to not have a flange welded on the end of an HTA68 and have its housing cast as LGT-fitment to begin with.

Bottom line is that I would love to see some turbo options that directly compete with AVO's bolt-ons and the hybrid 18g's and 20g's, while still making peak torque around 3800 RPM. I think there are enough of us that prefer using a top mount intercooler but want to hit close to the 350whp mark on e85

Just for reference:
HTA68 vs Big 20G- TD06 8cm
**The HTA is putting less power down, but it is running less timing and boost, the point is what it can do**