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BTW -- drove a Roadster and Roadster Sport today and OMG holy crap! they're quick!!! It's unlike anything I've ever driven. Despite having been behind the wheel of extremely high HP Subaru's, Evo's, and some V8 cars, the feel of the electric motor is something totally unique. Since an electric motor makes 100% of its torque from 0 rpm on up to a pretty high rpm, and there's only one gear that's driven directly (no clutch, no trans), when you floor the gas it GOES. Even at 50 mph, flooring the pedal throws you back like my 385 HP Legacy does in 1st gear. It just snaps your neck. And.... no shifting. Just go go go go. And throttle response is completely instant... no delay for air to get sucked into the engine, injectors to change fueling, etc. I had a big grin

Maybe the coolest thing is that literally anybody can hit the 3.7 second 0-60 time. All you do is push the gas. No shifting at all. It's a trip. And the regenerative braking is pretty aggressive... it feels very much like you've downshifted and are engine braking, except it's a little stronger in most cases and it's totally consistent (doesn't change force w/ rpm like a gas engine under decel). It really feels like you're driving a manual trans car in the response and the decel. Very very sweet