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Bolt up turbocharger upgrade - Vol-1 (CLOSED)
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NOTE: Due to size, this thread segment has been closed. It is continued HERE

First of all I would like to thank the LGT community for all the support. I have truely enjoyed developing a reliable replacement/upgrade for the IHI VF40 turbocharger that comes on various Subaru vehicles.

BNR Supercars is offering four 100% bolt up hybrid turbochargers for the LGT's fitted with the IHI VF40,VF46, and the VF52 (with the odd 2 bolt outlet). You don't have to upgrade your intercooler, just simply bolt it on and go. Tuning is suggested if you want to maximize your response and power output with these turbocharger upgrades. Other modifications are needed to maximize the potential of these turbochargers. If you are an enthusiest, then you already know that .


The entry level BNR upgrade is the EVO 16G/TD05H. If you have a stock car, automatic, or a mildy modified car this one is for you. The EVO has great bottom end response, good mid range power without sacrificing power in the upper RPM's. This turbocharger is maximum rated at 38 lb/min or approximately 375 BHP.

EVO/TD05H-Price $725 USD plus shipping

The next step up is the 18G/TD05H. If your car is mildly modified, then this is probably what you are looking for. It is a turbocharger that will have a blend of good response and good power up top. You aren't going too big or too small. The 18G maximum flow rate is 41 lb/min or 400 BHP. 1 customer dynoed 335 AWHP on pump fuel with boost levels going from 20 psi falling to 17 psi at redline.

18G/TD05H-Price $775 USD plus shipping

The 3rd option is the 20G/TD05H. This turbocharger is good up to around 24 psi. After that, the turbine will not be able to keep up with the compressor wheel in flow. The compressor flows 44 lb/min, but the max power is restricted by the TD05H turbine wheel. Turbocharger max rate is 410 BHP. But on E85 at 23 psi dropping to 20 psi this turbocharger has made an incredible 384.9 AWHP at 5200 ft. elevation!

20G/TD05H-Price $825 USD plus shipping (Available as of 8/16/2010 FINALLY!)

The 4th option is the 20G/TD06 11 blade turbine. This turbocharger is capable of over 400 WHP. The restriction of the turbine wheel is no longer an issue. If you plan on 385-450 WHP, then this one is for you. I have a WRX customer that ran this same set up with a 7cm2 turbine housing, made an 11.5x quarter mile pass at 120 MPH. This unit is pretty much identicle to that, but we put a 8cm2 turbine housing on and use the 2 bolt outlet VF40 compressor cover. We also make the wastegate actuator rod adjustable so we can put more spring tension in the stock actuator to get more boost. Since the stage 3 does 385 AWHP, I can see this unit coming close to 450 AWHP.

20G/TD06 11 blade-Price $1000 USD (Available as of 8/16/2010 Finally!)

BNR Supercars/FP HTA68 TD05H combo is also available! We all know what this puppy will do! The VF40 8cm2 turbine housing will optimize power output!

Here are pictures of the BNR/HTA68!

BNR/FP HTA68 TD05H-Price $975

(click the links below for comparison pictures and detailed pictures of each option)




20G/TD06 11 blade turbine

Compressor/Turbine wheel comparisons Part 1/Part 2

WARNING!!!! Purchasers must purchase a high flow/filtered oil feed line replacement kit for 1 year warranty coverage.

DO NOT RUN MOBIL 1 engine oils! Low on Zinc content which is bad for turbochargers.


Visit us online at!

Thanks for all the support. I will be glad to answer any questions you have about the product.

Bryan Nickell
President of BNR Supercars LLC

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