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#1: 07-11-2009, 09:19 PM
Twin Turbo?
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alright my flame suit is on
i have searched but not come across much

During a bbq today at my local shop, i came across a crazy idea. As the title suggests, I was wondering if a twin turbo set up was feasible with my 09 Spec B. Before we talk about getting custom exhaust manifolds etc etc etc. I had an idea of using one of the older Twin Turbo legacy exhaust manifolds or an aftermarket version of one for that year. I dont know about the fitment exactly but the boxer motor has not changed much over the years. Another problem is if there is enough room to fit the two turbos and two downpipes.

The older Twin Turbo model came with a 2.0 motor and with my upgraded displacement, I have no doubt that if I can fit the old turbos, manifolds, etc, I can push more than 300 hp with little to no lag.

Another thing I'm worried about is if the engine can handle the power. Will I need to build the motor? Will I need upgraded cams, pistons, etc etc.

Sorry for so many questions, but I also need to know, what kinda turbos do you guys thing i can upgrade to? obviously the car wont be able to handle two fp greens or more extreme, fp reds. What would be the max set up?

This build is just a thought. Although I am highly excited for answers, this build will probably start in half a year to a year after I have enough finances and have put in enough thought.
Thanks for putting in your time
Thanks in Advance LGT for your imput
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