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Title: Where'd that Pop-It go?!
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Hi Everyone,

I posted a while ago:

Originally Posted by TSi+WRX View Post
Originally Posted by Xenonk View Post
- Stock GT wheel is 17"x7" +53mm, as stamped on the back of the spokes of your stock rim.
I got confused on this one, as I saw a post on that the GT's offset was +55.

I went and looked, physically, in order to check, as I was convinced that the +53 was right, and the +55 was wrong.

It's actually +55.
To which Xenonk replied:

Originally Posted by Xenonk View Post
is this different from model years? Or are my eyes getting old? Last time I picked up an '05 LGT wheel, it was +53... but I need a picture to verify it that's for a '05 rim as well (not sure if it changed over from the 07' and '09s)
To which I followed:

Originally Posted by TSi+WRX View Post
I honestly don't know.

It's from *MY* '05 rims. My specific BP was an early-make, her DOB was actually June of 2004.

Trust me, I couldn't believe it, myself, which was why I went out, physically, to take a look, dusting off the winter set.

I'll try to clean one up and take a picture of it with my newer digicam, but I'm not very good at the photography stuff, so I may or may not be able to capture the necessary details.

But believe me, it was stamped "55" - fifty-five.

Although I wasn't among the first members here, I did come in in May of '05, and I've been consistent in contributing and interacting with fellow members here, including you. I hope that I would have earned enough credit/trust.

I'm not lying - and yes, my mouth was on the floor. I've never known your information to be wrong before!
Here's my picture, I finally got around to uploading it and cleaning it up a bit:

^ As you can see, it says: "OFFSET 55" - I apologize for the rather bad pic, but it's the best I can do...I really don't have any digicam Kung-Fu, and when I tried to clean one of my other wheels better, the shot came out so bad that I couldn't read the numbers at was actually easier to read the stamping, like this.

Like I've cited above, it's from *MY* '05 rims. I don't know about anyone else's.

My specific BP (i.e. "my car") was an early-make 2005, her DOB was actually June of 2004

Would those who may have their factory rims just laying around - or if you're rotating your tires, just give this little factoid a quick check-see?

Thank you!
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