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Originally Posted by stewartg View Post
There are tons available, either suction cup, rollbar or using this design with 1 or 2 seats. Personally I just went to home depot last night and built mine for $20. Added some rubber padding for stabilization, and a swivel and tilt camera mount for aiming it just right. It still has a little vibration and it doesn't exactly look pretty, but it worked really well.

I don't want to steal this guys thread with competing products or diy projects, so if you want more info do a google search or pm me.

The 1 headrest design is a pretty common and seems to work. This carbon kit i'm sure looks great, is lightweight and pretty sturdy.
I appreciate the comments and thanks for bringing up the "home depot" mount aspect. For sure anybody could go out and make one from some aluminum bar or whatever, and that is fine. The whole purpose of my mount was to make something available that is suitable for the track.

Many of the homemade mounts will not pass through a tech inspection nor do I feel that the other commercially available mounts are safe either due to their proximity to the drivers head. If a vehicle was involved in an accident, the last thing I would want is a long pole right beside your head. The offset in my design serves to increase the spacing to the drivers head as well as offer cars with alternate seat designs (Legacy GT and E36 M3) to have a viable option that does not require the headrests to be moved to an unsafe position. This mount is not for everyone, nor will it please everyone.