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Official dual HVAC Double Din (JDM) Kit thread!
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PLEASE READ ALL OF FIRST POST AND DIY BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS!!! ALSO, I Now rarely am on the site, DO NOT PM me about this install, ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE. It prevents me from answering the same questions over and over!

I Sold my Subaru a while back and no longer frequent the site(often) If you need anything you can PM me and i will try to get back to you. Also, SVXdc is who makes the harness, SVXdc is who makes the harness, SVXdc is who makes the harness, SVXdc is who makes the harness, SVXdc is who makes the harness, please pm him for one. The last 7 or 8 pm's were asking that question and its written below. He is the only one who makes the harness.

You may not want to read through a 1000+ posts, but I am getting a lot of questions that have been addressed many many times before! If you have read the thread and still have questions I will be more than glad to help if I can! Thanks!

Added DIY
Added Completion list, look here for what others have done:

Here is a parts list:
JDM Double Din adapter

3 harnesses from SVX Dc
-14 pin audio cable
-i88 adapter harness
-i85 adapter harness(this is only needed for steering wheel controls, OEM Nav, OEM Aux in, some factory subs, and/or Dimmer cancellation)
JDM Hazard switch(optional, but I will be using it)
The hazard switch part # is 107-090-001. Their search engine is useless, so here's the link:

On to the pin out of the i88 connector:
Pin  Function                   OEM Wire Color  Notes
---  -------------------------  --------------  -------------
 1   +12V Ignition (On/Run)     Green/Orange    USDM wired
 2   +12V Accessory (Switched)  -               Must ADD (a)
 3   TX Data (digital)          White/Black     USDM Wired
 4   Illumination +             -               Must ADD (b)
 5   Black Yellow               Ground          USDM Wired
 6   (none)                     -
 7   RX Data (digital)          White           USDM Wired
 8   Illumination –             -               Must ADD (c)
(a) Connect to pin 10 (+12V Accessory) on the 14-pin radio harness
(b) Connect to pin 1 (Illumination +) on the 14-pin radio harness
(c) Connect to pin 7 (Illumination –) on the 14-pin radio harness
Part number added H6217AG911

Steering wheel controls:

SVXdc's Harness:

If you order from SVXdc, follow this(quoted from SVXDC:
When people e-mail me, I usually reply the same or next day. So if you've e-mailed me and don't hear back within a day or two, first check your spam folder, then e-mail me again. You might also add my address to your 'white list' or address book.

You can also send me a PM, though it will sometimes be a little longer before I reply. Even if you e-mail me, it wouldn't hurt to include your username on the forums.

I just recently received e-mails from someone with an Earthlink account, who doesn't seem to be getting my replies.)
Drivers side button=Drivers side fan
Passenger side button = Passenger side fan
Auto on passenger side, defroster and rear wind defroster now on driver side

The Hazard switch will not fit without modification. It is simply screwed on the back of your original faceplate. You will need to dremel out BEHIND the faceplate(once you install it you will know exactly what I am talking about. It shouldn't be visible once you install it so it won't need to be pretty, just enough to clear the switch. Another method is to drill a hole on the back. More pictures to come, but it was much easier than cutting.

The Ghetto way, but working way.
Before you start, get:
a Phillips screw driver(longer the better(at least that's what she said)
A wiring harness for your radio (similar to this at best buy or circuit city
It should have come with an antenna adapter (similar to this )
about 3-4 feet of wire or more( I used solid core 18AWG, its about 3-4$ a roll)
Zipties, electrical tape and splice connectors(optional)

Before you even go to your car, use the wiring adapter to wire to your new radio.
also mount the new radio and HVAC module with the supplied brackets

First remove your radio, search the forums if you don't know how to do this

take the JDM module and try to plug in the little connectors. only one will work. Obviously that's the one you want.

Add a wire to pins, 2,4 and 8 on the i88 connector(hvac) Doesn't matter what color, just "jam" them in and zip tie the wires so they won't pull out. I also wrapped the wires around the harness(see pic) so they would have a little more play. the other ends of the those 3 wires will be spiced in(either side of the radio plug see pic for placement) if you do not want to splice into your factory wiring(as I didn't) you can put the illumination ground or negative or whatever you want to call it(-) onto regular ground, however you will only have 2 settings dim and bright(ok for me) After all your connections were spliced in plug everything up mount the radio but don't put in the trim pieces just yet. Turn on the ignition and verify function first. If everything is working correctly then finish putting everything back together. Don't forget to put on the ground cable that it comes with and the antenna!!!
It is obvious where the ground goes into the car, and I put the other end of the ground cable onto a screw on the new radio.

The non- ghetto way just requires you to add actual pins to the harness but seeing as I don't have those, its ghetto but it works.

Well I finished the install, put the hazard switch in, also put my ipod connector and 3.5mm headphone jack in the "console box" Instead of the penny trick from last time, I had a piece of flat black rubber I put in place, turned out pretty good. I have a picture of what I cut out, a pic of the elongated hole on the USDM hazard switch, also you need to cut off the pins for the hazard switch if you use the USDM switch. The pins are on the JDM bezel, and if you don't cut them off it won't line up.

a couple more pics, The hazard switch isn't perfectly flush like before, but if you didn't know what your looking for, its not that big of a deal. Also I had to elongate both holes on the hazard switch. Anyone that does this instead of the JDM switch(BTW I have one on the way, going to mount and compare which one i want to go with) I just really wanted to make sure it could be done. Also after I cut off the pins I needed a spacer on the top right, that's what those while things are, I just took a piece of plastic, drilled a hole and rounded it out so it wasn't too big.

The picture with the arrow shows what is blocking the hazard switch

For those whom want to paint the surround:

VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) wire and ECU pinouts:
VSS pinout

For the pioneer guys:
Here is information regarding the Pioneer DVD Bypass:

YouTube- avicd3 bypass
1. Remove the yellow and black mute wire.
2. Place the Mute wire in the slot directly above where you removed it from.
3. Using a wire tap (radio shack 10 for $5) connect the mute wire to the ground.
4. Using the wire tap (that is already attached to the parking break wire/green wire) attach it to the ground wire as well.

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