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Originally Posted by bbjones121 View Post
So I am about to get tuned for E85 in my LGT and I started to read about the differences between normal gas cars and E85 cars. Looks like do not put magnesium, aluminum and rubber parts in the fuel system. It is also conductive, so they use additional methods for preventing arcing in the fuel system and tank.

So my question is. Does our car have any magnesium, aluminum and rubber parts in the fuel system? If so, doesn't that mean that something bad will happen eventually? Is there any worry about a fire or something from arcing in the fuel system? Thanks.
In all honesty, the more I look at getting an E85 tune, the more I see potential reasons not to. There is plastic in the fuel system, only I don't know what engineering spec of plastic those parts are. Rubber o-rings in the fuel pump. The fuel pump 'bucket' itself is plastic (I think glass filled nylon). The float in the gas tank is plastc as well. There is plastic and rubber all throughout the fuel system. I don't know to what spec they are built to, but there is tons of plastic in there. . .

Then there are rumors about the summer blend and winter blend E85 being different blends which could cause issues...