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I'm the one who snagged the prototype springs when Jeremy offered them. I have a 2005 LGT 5MT wagon. The springs went on about two months ago at 85,000 miles along with the Koni cartridges, set to the middle setting.

My strong recommendation is that a posse be organized to force Crucial to make these springs. Particulalry for the wagon, they are 100% perfect when matched with the Koni's for drivers that use their cars for everyday duty.

By way of background, I'm middle aged with two teenage children and a very patient wife.

I was very concerned about the droopy butt syndrome on a wagon, especially since my car does the family trips and gets lots of duty taking around the kids and their friends. Zero problem. The car came down about an inch all around and is dead level. Looks great and people who like cars notice.

I was concerned about getting a ride that was too harsh or noisy and would annoy my wife and children. Zero problem. They did not even notice.

The change in ride and handling was amazing. I had modded the car with the JDM rear sway (nice piece) earlier, and that had helped tone down the rear around turns. But now, the rear is totally planted. The car transitions, sets and corners like a refined sports car. The ride motions and quality are simply outstanding. In hard turns, the car is totally neutral with all 4 wheels going when the traction is lost, although the cornering limits are now much higher since so much lean and bobbing around has been eradicated. And this is on all season tires, by the way.

I am not a track guy, although I like to drive 9/10. My guess is that this probably is not the setup for track use or 10/10 driving since it is so civilized. But it is the perfect setup for taking a LGT wagon used regularly in the real world to a 9/10 car without the wife or kids even noticing. I couldn't be more pleased.

I told Jeremy how pleased I was as soon as they went on, but he asked me to wait a while before posting here to see what I thought after a while. I now have 5k on these springs and Koni's and my thoughts remain exactly the same.

So, somebody needs to take on the role of Dom Corlione from the Godfather and make Jeremy an offer he can't refuse.