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The adjustment is done via a knob on top of the strut. You can easily reach the fronts by popping the hood and then the strut tops are right there, easily accessible. The rears are a bit of a pain on the Legacy, as they're basically in the trunk covered by the trunk mat and particle board/plastic that covers your spare wheel etc etc. You either have to remove that to access the rear adjustment, or a lot of people will drill a hole in that covering and create an extender for the adjustment knob. That way you can have the knob where you can reach it without having to remove anything from the trunk.

I find that most of the time once people have the Konis set to where they like them, they tend not to adjust them again, or do it very very rarely. If you think this might be you, I'd recommend just leaving that trunk mat thing in the garage while you're playing with the settings until you get it where it feels right, then put it back in. You probably wont want to change the settings anyway (this is probably 75% of people).

If you think you're the type to put them on softer settings for daily use and then stiffen them up for when you feel like going on a spirited drive or doing auto-x or track sessions, then I'd do the adjustment extenders.

I actually don't happen to have photos of the LGT struts. Never snapped any when we had sets here and we don't usually stock them. Although they've been pretty popular recently, the LGT ones don't sell as often as the Impreza ones and it has just made more sense for us to have them drop-shipped instead of stocking them here. So... can't snap a pic at the moment either. I'm sure there has to be a DIY w/ pictures on here somewhere though!

Truly, the Konis work well with any spring. So don't choose a spring trying to match it with the Konis. Choose the spring that you think suits you the best -- the drop that you want, the spring rates that you want, etc. I think the Progress springs are very nice for a daily driver that sees some aggressive driving as well. The drops are conservative so you don't have to worry about scraping all of the time and it's far from 'slammed,' but it's enough that the car looks cleaner and more aggressive. The spring rates are stiffer than stock but not too much, so the ride quality is going to be very good and it will handle a bit better at the same time. We also carry Cobb springs and those offer a good looking drop and essentially the exact same spring rates as stock.

If you're interested more in a stiffer, more aggressive spring because handling is the main issue to you then I'd look elsewhere. Honestly, not sure what the best springs out there for the LGT are right now in that department....

Oh we also have Tein H Techs and they have a nice looking drop for the LGT and have spring rates of 219 front, 305 rear. Progress are 200/330. Honestly I'd go Progress because they're very nice and they're like $70 less, too (about $210 shipped). FYI Swifts are 241/369 front/rear rates.


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