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Here are some questions / answers on our 'Ultimate' Kit. I though these were good, relevant questios so I wanted to post them...

- For that kit, would you allow a customer to swap out the 380 for a 420 turbo? Would there be any added benefit for a daily driven car to go with the 420? You can swap turbos, but you will need a local tune. We do not have mapping for the 420 turbo. (we are not fans of the 420. It makes the same power with more lag)

- How has your stock transmission been holding up so far on your '08? I know you are putting some serious power down @375hp/430wtq. Everything running fine so far? We have 2 cars with this setup. Both are using the stock clutch and trans with no trouble.We intend the kits to be able to use the stock powertrain.

- As far as the maps that come with the kit, is it basically 7 maps that come with it? ( E85 15psi, 18psi, 20psi, 22psi, and pump 15psi, 18psi, and 20psi?) Correct. Our Ultimate kit provides those 7 maps (with different octane settings for pump gas) and Valet / Anti-Theft maps as well.

- For the pump maps can you distinguish between 91 and 92 octane for the tune? Yes. We provide maps for the octane ratings in your local area.

- What kind of fuel pump do you have in the kit? Is it a Walbro 255lph setup? We include an AVO direct replacement fuel pump. Walbro pumps do not fit into the housings on 08+ WRX. It requires the destruction of the fuel pump housing. We can also provide a housing (exchange) that already includes the AVO pump installed in the housing. (additional charges apply)

- How does the AVO 380 compare to the VF48/VF52 turbo? Is it even worth considering those two options? VF48 turbo does not fit WRX. It is for STi which uses different intake manifold and turbo outlet. Not an option. VF52 is a much smaller turbo than our 380. Power output is limited to the same as a Stage2 on 09 WRX.

- With the ultimate kit, would it be possible to add a water injection system in the future? Or would that not be a wise decision? Water or methanol injection is possible, but you will require a local custom tune. Our E85 option provides more power than pump gas+meth and is much safer to use. Meth injection kits can fail and cause engine failures. We do not support meth injection.

I have also been looking at some other turbo kits like the FP Green turbo, FP 20g turbo, and GT30 series (same as the larger AVO turbo, 450-550, right?). Would you still advise to go the AVO route? Any reason why? Our 380 turbo is equivalent to a 20g in size, but is a ball bearing like the Garrett GT series. Ball bearing provides durability that a journal bearing can not. The power level you choose needs to be your decision. We chose to use our 380 for a balance of spool up/throttle response and power levels that the factory powertrain can support. We can provide a 450 turbo, but you will require a local tune and risk having to upgrade clutch and/or power train components like the transmission.

Sean S.