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How To PROPERLY Package a turbo for shipping
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Guys...this thread is long overdue here. While we've all bought tons of stuff from each other, I just got a turbo from a guy that was packed like crap...even AFTER the fact that I told the guy specifically to watch how to pack it!

How to pack a turbo:

#1 - WRAP THE TURBO IN A BAG OF SOME SORT. This will help prevent packing material (LIKE CRAP ASS PACKING PEANUTS) from getting into the wheels, oil, and/or coolant lines.

Once the turbo has been packaged in a bag, wrap it in at LEAST 2 layers of bubble wrap! This will help cushion it for it's hell ride to the new owner.

So now there is a turbo in a bag, now wrapped in bubble wrap, lets find a box for it. The box should NOT be so big that the turbo bounces around like a tennis ball at want it to be in a box that is big enough to hold the turbo, but also not too small so that it bulges and things like coolant lines do NOT POP THROUGH THE BOX!

Great, you're almost there. At this point, you're ten, maybe fifteen minutes into the process.

After you have it in a box...get smart...add some peanuts, add another layer of cardboard on all sides/bottom/top, add stuff like old newspapers, whatever you got...just get it nicely stuffed in there to SECURE the turbo.

OK...i'm over this rant and how to...I just hope this helps somebody not have to deal with crap ass shipping from a seller.
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