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Timing Belt Replacement 2.5T
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T-belt replacement on a 05 LGT.
Ok here's a little how to on the timing belt replacement incase anyone is thinking about taking it on.
here we are at the start of the job. if there's anything i've missed or put that is incorrect please let me know.
( I am not responsible for anything that you do to your car)

here are the tools you will need.

here's the start of the job.

Next remove the "ram air scoop" and engine cover.

Now pinch off the upper Radiator hose, remove and take out your fans.

Now with the fans out of the way, you can take off the ACC drives.
Power steering and A/C belt with the tensioner bracket.

If you have the subaru harmonic balancer remover you can use it, if not
a chain wrench will work just fine. you'll have to really put the torque to this bolt. ( reinstall with a dab of oil on threads)

ok, now remove the timing belt covers. some bolts are hiding.
after covers are removed, put the harmonic balancer back on the crank so you can rotate the engine.

rotate the engine clockwise until the crank, and cam marks are at the 12-0-clock position.

here's the cam up at the 12o-clock positon.the upper cam lines up with marks on the plastic covers.

the upper cams line up with the cover, and the lower cams line up with the 6 o-clock marks of the upper cam. the 6 o-clock marks look like
II and the 12 o-clock marks of the lower cam are the same II marks.

now that it's lined up you can remove the tensioner and put in a vertical press. if you don't have one, use a pry bar and compress the auto tensioner. Taking more than 3 minutes to compress! after compressing install the "Grenade Pin" or a 2 mm (0.08 in) (nominal) dia. hex wrench

now you can remove the auto tensioner. tensioner removed you can remove belt.

while your here, my as well do the water pump.
when you install the new belt the arrows go to the right. start at the crank, (------ line is the start at the crank mark.) put the belt on from the crank pully twards the right, over the upper cam and down around the lower. (THESE ARE VERY HARD TO KEEP IN POSITION ROTATE UPPER-CLOCKWISE. LOWER COUNTER CLOCKWISE AND ONE AT A TIME!!) and here are the pics of the 3 and 6 o-clock timing positions. you need a mirror to verify the correct position of them

marks of the 3 o-clock position verify with mirror.

6 o-clock marks

after you've done this reinstall the auto tensioner, pull the "grenade pin" and push the tensioner down with your hand. ( it will auto tension )
fire it up, if it sounds normal then your ready to put it back together.
hope this helps anyone who has thought about doing this.

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