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This is an interesting idea, especially if the computer is only around $50. Like ilh said, I wonder if this computer is integrated into the BIU. I would actually be surprised if that were the case because there are only a handful of manufacturers of the TPMS systems and they are shared across multiple car companies. The only other thing to worry about is if the sensor ID's are stored inside this computer then are the ID's saved even after unhooking the computer from the car? I have a feeling that won't get answered until someone decides to be a guinea pig and actually try this.

Originally Posted by GTurabus View Post
The only other solution that was suggested before that I have been considering was a manifold where the TPMS sensors are all mounted and then pressurized through regular air fitting.
It would be nice if that would work, however the sensors are normally off if they are stationary. They only turn on and transmit while the wheel they are mounted to is rolling (over 25mph). Just having them sit in something pressurized wouldn't work unless you could get them rotating fast enough to turn on as well