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Advice on this Cold- Fuel smell thing
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I am new to this forum and an auto idiot. I just encountered the same problem as has been posted, I googled gas smell and Legacy and here I am. In an event, New years day extremely cold weather about 5 degrees, smell raw gas upon start up. (I have an 03 Legacy, about 62k on it.) Same thing again today. I took it to a neighborhood mechanic and he smelled it as well, put it up but didn't see any leaks, wet spots etc. He said to key an eye on it, and if it continues to happen or get worse to bring it back in and he would have to "take the seats out" and inspect the fuel line.

Question is do I

Hope this is a cold weather deal and will myself into thinking spring is around the corner.

Take it back to him and ask him to look at the
charcoal filter canister that is part of the emmissions system
check the clamps on my fuel line
examine all of the hoses (I saw in another post something about
cold weather and seals on gas lines)
Take it to a dealer and test my new line of credit?

Thanks in advance