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Thank you for the positive thread award! I would like to thank my parents, tuner ... haha. I wanted to jump in and quickly respond to Max and Joe's posts. Both posts bring up valid points. One point that I would like to make is that many industries rely on minimal standards to partially equalize the industry. The minimal standard however does little more than get the product in the game. This allows for alot of upward mobility for products ie better additives, more refined base oils, etc. Your car will run on the cheapest oil. If your going to take your 30K vehicle and stuff the cheapest oil into it I would hope you at least do regular frequent oil changes ESPECIALLY for a turbo'd car. The question that can't be answered is how is the overall longevity and power output is going to be affected by these entry level oils. For instance, take semi-synthetic, did you know that the only thing companies have to do inorder to call an oil semi-synthetic is add a drop of synthetic to their regular oil. They are not required to inform you of how much synthetic is added... and they don't! In other words don't waste your money on semi-synthetic, either go regular or synthetic. Even synthetics aren't created equal some are just hydrocracked petro while others are truly man made. You get what you pay for in most cases! For me personally I figure I purchased a car for 27k, I want to make sure I am doing all I can to protect it and keep it running for a long, long time. I use true synthetic because of it's wear characteristics, longer oil change intervals, and it also reduces dependence on foreign oil.